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Three Ways Show Fine, Flat Hair
Many people want to keep fine, flat hair, today we share three ways.
1. Thickening Shampoos
If you want fuller hair, try to shampoo every other day, which helps keep your scalp and hair healthier. If you must use a conditioner, go for one which is formulated to fortify your scalp and hair and promotes growth of new hair.
2. The Right Cut
Make sure you’ve got the right cut for your hair, flat hair isn’t properly shaped it easily falls flat or shows uneven lines. The right cut for flat, fine hair may vary a bit according to your face type, but generally long layers add movement and volume to this hair type. Shorter cuts can also work, as the hair is not weighed down. 

3. The easiest and quickest way is to use tape hair extensions, tape hair extensions can be divided into many kinds, flat tip hair extension is one of the most important one, what style of hair you want depends entirely on your choice.

Tape Hair Extensions