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Will Disposable Curling Iron Hurt Your Hair?

Becoming beauty is every girl's dream. It is the nature character that change their hair style often. Some girls may think that hair perm or dye may hurt their hair seriously. So they choose to use disposable curling iron to change their hair.But do you know that disposable curling iron would hurt your hair also.

You may reduce the damage if you do as the following suggestions.

1, Pay attention to the temperature regulation, hands do not touch the heating element, to avoid burns.

2, Dry your hair before use, wet with the hair is not easy to roll

3, Each crawling hair should not be too much, if a volume of hair too much, then affect the hair to maintain results.

4, Volume hair from the bottom, the hair above the first bar together, layer by layer of the volume. If the amount of hair is not a lot, you can also start a handful of volumes from both sides of the hair.

Hair extensions may be a good choice if you do not like the above ways. We are a professional hair extensions supplier in China. Tape hair extensions would be a recommended product to you.

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