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Four Types People are not Suitable for Hair Perm

1. Natural hair quality is poor

The original hair is worse, easy to broken people, such as iron deficiency, thyroid problems and endocrine disorders are not suitable for dyeing perm. 

2. Pregnancy and women within six months after childbirth

Throughout the pregnancy and breast-feeding process, should avoid contact with unnecessary chemicals, so as not to affect themselves and their children. During this period, women's physical condition has changed, the hair is more fragile, easy to fall off, and then use chemicals to dye hair, but also exacerbate hair loss, but also affect the normal growth and development of children.

3. Scalp damage

Including eczema, psoriasis, folliculitis, trauma and so on. Such people's skin barrier is not complete, hot will not only aggravate the original skin problems, but also increase the damage at the skin of the absorption of harmful substances.

4. Children, the elderly and liver and kidney dysfunction

Children's skin is delicate, more susceptible to chemicals, allergies, and the body's ability to detoxify. Elderly liver and kidney function gradually weakened, harmful substances may accumulate in the body, increasing health risks. Liver and kidney dysfunction, the body's detoxification capacity has problems, but should not increase its burden, resulting in aggravating.

Hair Extensions in China

Hot hair dye damage to the hair is very large, so pay attention to select the qualified products, and find an experienced hairdresser operation, usually pay attention to conservation, will minimize damage. In addition, hair coloring interval should be as large as possible to more than 3 months is appropriate. Hair before, after the ear, neck and other parts painted lotion to prevent hair dye directly to the skin, after the hair should be thoroughly cleaned.

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